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Mission Trails Golden Dragons
by posted 02/19/2020

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Welcome to Mission Trails Little League Tee-Ball!
by posted 01/24/2020

My name is Randy Herold, and I'll be your child's manager for tee-ball this spring.  This is my fourth year as a coach in Mission Trails (three years in tee-ball, and one year as an assistant coach in Caps).  I have a son (Finn) and daughter (Violet) on our team, and I also have an 8-year-old (Liam) playing the Caps division.  I am very excited to get the season started; it is going to be a fun year!

  • Our first practice is Friday, January 31st at 4:30 pm at the MTLL tee-ball field located by the San Carlos Rec Center.  The tee-ball field is the easternmost field at the rec center, located adjacent to the elementary school and the community garden.  Practices last for 1 hour.  After daylight savings time begins, I will push practices back to 5pm.  We will have practices every Friday, but later in the season we will start having in-week games on Tuesdays or Thursdays, so I will cut back on practices to ensure a maximum of two obligations per week.
  • Our first game will be Saturday, March 7th.  The remainder of the game schedule is still being developed, but expect Saturday games (likely starting between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm), and starting in April there are games on Tuesday or Thursday starting at 5 pm (not every week though).  Games usually last about an hour (1.5 hours, max), depending on how well everyone is hitting the ball. 
  • As discussed at the tee-ball parent meeting, MTLL is hosting a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, February 22nd at Applebee's in El Cajon.  The team that sells the most tickets to the breakfast will get their picture packages for free, so encourage all of your friends & family to join us for nice breakfast and to support MTLL.  Please purchase tickets for the pancake breakfast ($10 each) from me at our first practice (exact cash, check, or Venmo is accepted).  There are prizes for the most tickets sold per team and per individual, so encourage your friends and family to attend.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods is offering 20% off sale event for Mission Trails families this weekend (1/25 & 1/26) and another one later in February (2/22 and 2/23).  This is a great opportunity to gear up for the season.
  • Opening Day is Saturday, February 29th.  On that day the league will provide a bunch of fun activities for the players and will have a formal opening ceremony.  We will also have individual and team pictures on that day.  I will distribute the picture order forms as soon as I get them.
  • MTLL will also be organizing a Casino night fundraiser (adults only!) and a Hit-A-Thon fundraiser later during the season.  More details will be forthcoming.
  • The league is sponsored by the San Diego Padres, who provide each player with a Padres jersey and a baseball hat.  Our design has a white jersey with a retro "Padres" written across the chest (see graphic below).  Yes, I know it's a white uniform, and yes I know it's hard to keep white clean.  But, my older son had a white uniform last year and we were able to keep it clean all season with a combination of Shout stain removing gel and OxyClean stain remover.  That combination worked wonders!
    • 2020TeamHeroldJersey.png
  • I will buy the rest of the game uniform items - pants, socks, and belt - so our team has a uniform (pun intended) look.  Total cost will be about $20.
  • Mission Trails Little League will be getting names and numbers on the backs of the uniforms, free of cost to the parents. 
  • For practice, your child should wear long pants, either sweatpants or baseball pants, and should also wear a hat.
  • Families must also provide the following gear: batting helmet, glove, and baseball cleats (soccer cleats are fine if you already have a pair).  You can also bring your own tee-ball baseball bat (must have "USA Baseball" label on it), although the league does provide one so you do not have to buy one if you don't want to.
  • Please label all of your gear with you child's name so that the coaches can keep track of the rightful owner.
  • Coach - I'm looking for 1-2 parents to be coaches for the team.  These people will be my primary back-ups and should be willing to run practices/games in the event I am not available for some reason.  Coaches will also need to attend the league coaches and safety clinics on 2/23/20.
  • Assistant Coaches - Any parent that wants to help out on the field can be an assistant coach.  No experience necessary!  Any extra sets of hands are more than appreciated.  If you plan on attending most practices and games and want to help out but don't want the extra responsibilities of being a Coach, this would be a great role for you
  • Team Parent -  The team parent coordinates the off-of-the-field activities (Casino Night fundraising basket, end-of-the-year party, etc) and sometimes helps manage the kids on the bench during games.  This is a great role for anyone who wants to volunteer but doesn't want to help with the baseball activities.
  • If you are interested in any of these roles, please let me know.  You will need to complete a background check before you can help out on the field, which I can help get you started with.
  • I will communicate to you primarily via email, but I will also set up a group text for more urgent messages (cancelled games or practices, etc), if you want to be included in that.
  • We will have our own team page on the Mission Trails website; I will send you all a link when it goes live (probably tomorrow).  You can go there for find our roster, schedule, and other team information.  
  • You can also download the "SportsSignup Play" mobile app that contains our roster, message board, and schedule.  See this page for the download links; after downloading you can log in with the same username/password as you use for the missiontrailsll.com website.
Finally, I'd like to list the expectations for this season: what you and your child should expect from me, what I expect from my players, and what I expect from my players' families.  I think that if we strive to meet these expectations we will all have a very fun season.
  • What can you and your child expect from me?
    • To make the season a fun experience for all
    • To do my best to teach the fundamentals of the game
    • To be positive and respect each child as an individual
    • To be positive with the families
    • To be fair as possible when assigning playing positions and batting order
    • To be on time for all practices and games
    • To be open to ideas, suggestions, and help
  • What do I expect from my players?
    • To have fun
    • To try to do their best, whether in the field or on the bench
    • To be cooperative at all times and share team duties
    • To respect not only others, but themselves as well
    • To be positive with teammates and themselves at all times
    • To listen to the coaches and teammates
    • To hustle at practice and games
  • What do I expect from the players' families?
    • To never stress about making it to practices and games on time (I understand that life is busy and stressful at times, so please don't allow tee-ball to be another stress source.  Just arrive safely when you can and I'll integrate your child into the practice/game at that point.  Tee-ball should be fun for both the players and the families.)
    • To come out and enjoy the practices and games.
    • To cheer and always be positive with the players
    • To be positive with coaches
    • To please contact me if you have any issues, concerns, or feedback.
    • To please volunteer to help either our team or the league, especially by taking a shift in the snack bar!
    • To practice with your child at home.  If you are able to attend practice, watch the drills that we do with your kids and try to replicate them at home.  Regardless, make it fun!
My apologies for the lengthy email, but I've tried to include everything you may need to know to get prepared for the season.  If I did forget anything, please contact me.
Cheers to a great season!
Coach Randy

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