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As voted on by our Minors & Majors players, managers, and coaches, MTLL is proud to present…

9-10 All-Stars


10-11 All-Stars


11-12 All-Stars

 Manager: Dave Ohton

 Manager: Chad Galvas

 Manager: Jim Goodridge

 Coach: Dave Earner

 Coach: Steve Burton

 Coach: Lou Bertsche

 Coach: Phil Stearns

 Coach: John O’Malley

 Coach: Gary Simpson

Sean Boyd

Michael Burton

Cole Bertsche

Jacob Connelly

Tyler Daugherty

Devin Bevilacqua

Zach Earner

Wesley Fulton

Jonathan Bonanno

Randy Evans

Reagan Galvas

Andrew Goodridge

Trevor Fox

James Goodridge

Jonah Leota

Luca Fusco

Joe Hopkins

Eric Levin

JC Gustin

Ulysses Jimenez

Blake Miller

MJ Jackman

Shane Kirchoff

Drew Morrison

Braxton (Bug) Ohton

Ben Manis

Connor Ohton

Skyler Sasena

Brett Miller

Kenny Peak

Owen Shreffler

Luke O’Malley

Josh Simpson

Justin Stearns

Randy Ruckle

Jared Stearns

Ryan Teems

Ryan Spaulding

Kadon Tedokon



Nico West


Congratulations to all of our 2014 MTLL All-Stars!

All-Star games will begin June 21st. Specific All-Star game schedules will be posted on the site as soon as they are made available.