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Congrats to Trevor Fox, MTLL 2016 Derby champ! Thank you to all who participated and cheered the participants. It was a blast!


Danny Torres (1 & 2) 10-11 All-Stars - Dann'ys 1st and 2nd home run of the season, also in the D33 Championship game against Rolando at San Carlos field, 7/08/2016.

MJ Jackman (1) 10-11 All-Stars - MJ's smashed his first career home run in the D33 10/11 Championship game against Rolando at San Carlos field, 7/08/2016.

Trevor Fox (10 & 11) 11-12 All-Stars - the 1st was back-to-back with Jake Romero over the center field wall. The 2nd, a laser shot deep into the 2nd row of cars at La Mesa National, 7/06/2016.

Jake Romero (9) / 11-12 All-Stars - a first inning mash over the center field wall getting things started against San Carlos at La Mesa National field, 7/06/2016.

Max Kiernan (1) 10-11 All-Stars - smashed a 3-run dinger against Lake Murray at San Carlos  LL fields, 7/3/2016.

Zach Earner (6) 11-12 All-Stars - broke the game wide open with a huge late inning blast to center field against Lake Murray at La Mesa National field, 7/02/2016.

Jake Romero (8) / 11-12 All-Stars - crushed on opposite field blast to right to take the lead against Lake Murray at La Mesa National field, 7/02/2016.

Trevor Fox (9) 11-12 All-Stars - launched his first All-Star HR about 300' high, 205' long to center against Sunshine at Chollas Lake LL, 6/26/2016.

James Goodridge (5) / 11-12 All-Stars - hit a bomb to left field for his first All-Star HR against Sunshine at Chollas Lake LL field, 6/26/2016.



Trevor Fox (11)

Jake Romero (9)

Zach Earner (6)

Luca Fusco (5)

James Goodridge (5)

Justin Stearns (4)

Jacob Connelly (3)

David Hetter (3)

Andrew Moosbrugger (3)

Danny Torres (2)

Tyler Daugherty (1)

Noah Filson (1)

MJ Jackman (1)

Max Kiernan (1)

Diesel Rye (1)

Skyler Sasena (1)


Jake Romero (7) / Yankees (Majors) - A monster blast over the left field fence, on to the snackbar, for #7 of the season at MTLL, 6/1/2016. This one helped secure the TOC championship!!!
Diesel Rye (1) / MT4 (Sweatt) (Minors) - Congratulations to Diesel for his first career HR at MTLL field during a TOC game, 5/27/2016. It was the "one and only" Minors home run this season. Great job Diesel!! 

Zach Earner (5) / Blue Jays (Majors) - Zach mashed HR#5 of the year over the left field fence in the "8th" inning at MTLL, 5/21/2016
Jake Romero (6) / Yankees (Majors) - A towering shot over the big fence in left field for HR #6 of the year at MTLL, 5/21/2016
Jacob Connelly (3) / Royals (Majors) - A long shot over the right-center fence into the Caps field at MTLL, 5/18/2016

Jake Romero (5) / Yankees (Majors) - A sky high shot just over the right field fence and fielder's glove for #5 of the year at MTLL, 5/17/2016

Trevor Fox (8) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A 2-run dinger to right-center for Trevor's league leading 8th of the season at MTLL, 5/17/2016
Trevor Fox (7) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A 3-run loooong shot to the Caps field for #7 of the season at MTLL, 5/10/2016
Tyler Daugherty (1) / Yankees (Majors) - Congrats to Tyler for roping his first HR of the season over the center field fence at MTLL, 5/10/2016
James Goodridge (4) / Yankees (Majors) - James was at it again crushing HR# 4 over the left field fence at MTLL, 5/10/2016
Trevor Fox (5 & 6) / Blue Jays (Majors) - Two games, 10+ RBIs, including "two" GRAND SLAMS for HR #'s 5 & 6. Quite a day for Trevor at the MTLL ballpark, 5/7/2016
Zach Earner (4) / Blue Jays (Majors) - Zach crushed HR#4 of the year to right-center today at MTLL, 5/7/2016
James Goodridge (3) / Yankees (Majors) - Baby James mashed HR# 3 to left-center at MTLL fields, 5/7/2016
Jake Romero (4) / Yankees (Majors) - A laser over the center field fence at MTLL Jake's 4th of the year, 5/5/2016
Noah Filson (1) / Royals (Majors) - HR#1 of the season for Noah Filson! A liner over the center field fence at MTLL, 5/4/2016.
Jake Romero (3) / Yankees (Majors) - A big fly over the left field big fence at MTLL, just left of the scoreboard and up the grass hill, 5/4/2016
Justin Stearns (4) / Rockies (Majors) - A shot clearing the center field fence at MTLL, 5/3/2016.
Trevor Fox (4) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A monster shot hitting the Caps field fence at MTLL, 4/27/2016
Zach Earner (2 & 3) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A laser shot into the upper HR portion of the left field fence (near the snack bar) for HR #2. In the same inning, Zach's HR#3 blasted over left-center fence, 4/27/2016.
Zach Earner (1) / Blue Jays (Majors) - Grand salami to straight center at MTLL. Nice shot for Zach's first HR of the season, 4/26/2016
Trevor Fox (3) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A towering opposite field shot landing on the sidewalk near the scoreboard at MTLL, 4/23/2016
Andrew Moosbrugger (3) / Royals (Majors) - Three home run in 3 games for Andrew, once again at MTLL fiel, 4/18/2016
Luca Fusco (5) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A monster blast just missing the top corner of the scoreboard at SCLL field, 4/16/2016
James Goodridge (2) / Yankees (Majors) - Two homers in two days for Baby James, this time at MTLL fields, 4/15/2016
James Goodridge (1) / Yankees (Majors) - A shot towards the scoreboard in center field for career HR #1 at the SCLL field, 4/14/2016
Andrew Moosbrugger (2) / Royals (Majors) - Another bomb hit to center at MTLL field, 4/13/2016
Andrew Moosbrugger (1) / Royals (Majors) - A left field blast for career HR #1 at SCLL field, 4/12/2016
David Hetter (3) / Rockies (Majors) - An opposite field bomb over the right field bleachers into the parking lot at SCLL, 4/11/2016
Justin Stearns (3) / Rockies (Majors) - A 2-run shot over the right field fence at SCLL, 4/9/2016.
Trevor Fox (2) / Blue Jays (Majors) - Opposite field shot over the left field fence at SCLL, 4/5/2016
Luca Fusco (4) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A shot over the 225' right-center fence at Western Region Stadium during the Clay Berry Invitational (CBI) tournament, 4/1/2016
Jacob Connelly (2) / Royals (Majors) - A yak over the left-center fence into the Minors field at SCLL, 3/26/2016
Jake Romero (2) / Yankees (Majors) - A blast over the center field fence at MTLL, 3/24/2016
Luca Fusco (3) / Blue Jays (Majors) - Opposite field grand salami at MTLL, 3/23/2016
Skyler Sasena (1) / Rockies (Majors) - First career HR at Damato field during Dupont Tourney game, 3/20/2016
Justin Stearns  (2) / Rockies (Majors) - A bomb over the right field fence at MTLL, 3/22/2016
Justin Stearns (1) / Rockies (Majors) - First career HR at Damato field during Dupont Tourney game, 3/20/2016
Luca Fusco (2) / Blue Jays (Majors) - Opposite field power over the left-center fence at MTLL, 3/19/2016
Jake Romero (1) / Yankees (Majors) - A yak over the center field fence into the Minors field at SCLL, 3/18/2016
David Hetter (2) / Rockies (Majors) - An opposite field home run to right-center field fence at MTLL, 3/12/2016
Trevor Fox (1) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A grand slam shot way over the center field fence at MTLL, 3/12/2016
Luca Fusco (1) / Blue Jays (Majors) - A smash over the center field fence at MTLL, 3/5/2016
Jacob Connelly (1) / Royals (Majors) - A fence clearing shot to left-center at FHLL, 3/2/2016
David Hetter (1) / Rockies (Majors) - A blast over the center field wall at FHLL, 3/1/2016


2016 Home Run Total = 57