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Danny Torres (4) / Yankees - Danny's biggest blast of the regular season was a walk-off 3-run shot to seal the deal for his Yankees against the Reds in MTLL's TOC Championship game, 5/31/2017.

Justin Stearns (7) / Yankees A 2-run opposite field blast to put his Yankees up by three in the first inning against the Reds in the TOC Championship game, 5/31/2017

Jacob Connelly (11) / Reds - A solo shot to the left of the scoreboard at MTLL, 5/30/2017.

Isaiah Spracklen (5) / Reds - A 2-run bomb to right-center for Isaiah's 5th of the season, 5/30/2017.

Red Waite (1) / Reds - Reid hit a 2 run shot to left for his first MTLL home run, and of course in a TOC elimination game no less, 5/30/2017.

Owen Frattini Edwards (2) / White Sox - Owen mashed HR #2 to deep left center today, 5/20/2017.

Tyler Steeves (3) / Reds - Clutch solo blast to center for Tyler to tie up the game in 6th inning for his 3rd dinger of the season, 5/20/2017.

Noah Filson (4) / Royals - A solo bomb to left field for HR #4 of the year, 5/20/2017.

Rylan Talbot (2) / Royals - Rylan hit HR #2 of the season today, 5/20/2017.

Isaiah Spracklen (4) / Reds - Also with a 2-run dinger, Isaiah mashed his to right field for #4 of the year, 5/16/2017.

Jacob Connelly (10) / Reds - A 2-run dinger to center field for Jacob's 10th of the year, 5/16/2017.

Danny Torres (3) / Yankees - Danny went back-to-back with teammate Justin for his 3rd of the year, 5/16/2017.

Justin Stearns (6) / Yankees - Justin mashed his 6th bomb of the year over the right-center fence, 5/16/2017.

Isaiah Williams (2) / Royals - Isaiah's 2nd HR of the year was an opposite field blast to right center, 5/16/2017.

Owen Shreffler (1) / Reds - Owen hit a 3-run blast to dead center for career HR # 1, 5/13/2017.

Jacob Connelly (9) / Reds - Jacob hit another 2-run bomb to left, 5/13/2017.

Jacob Connelly (8) / Reds - Jacob hit a solo shot to center for his 8th of the season, 5/9/2017.

Justin Stearns (5) / Yankees- Justin hit HR #5 over the left field fence during a rain-shortened game Satuday, 5/6/2017.

Noah Filson (3) / Royals - HR #3 of the year for Noah  at MTLL, 5/4/2017.

Jacob Connelly (7) / Reds - A 3-run homer to for Jacob's 7th of the year at MTLL 5/2/2017.

Tustin Tibbetts (3) / Reds - Tustin hit his 3rd long ball of the 2017 season. A 2-run blast to left-centerat MTLL, 4/29/2017.

Isaiah Spracklen (3) / Reds - Isaiah crushed a 3-run homer to center for HR #3 on the year at MTLL, 4/29/2017.

Dakota Pallante (4) / White Sox - Dakota mashed a 2-run dinger to center for HR #4 of the year at MTLL, 4/27/2017. 

Jacob Connelly (6) / Reds - Continuing to lead the HR club, Jacob launched #6 to center at MTLL 4/25/2017.

Justin Stearns (4) / Yankees- HR #4 for Justin today. Justin's 3rd bomb in 3 games, 4/25/2017.

Dakota Pallante (3) / White Sox - Dakota crusthed a 3-run bomb over the centner field fence for #3 of the year at MTLL, 4/22/2017. 

Justin Stearns (3) / Yankees- HR #3 was #2 in consecutive games for Justin. A shot over the center field fence , 4/22/2017.

Justin Stearns (2) / Yankees- HR #2 for Justin was a rocket over the center field fence contributing to a 2-1 Yankee win, 4/20/2017.

Isaiah Spracklen (2) / Reds - Isaiah's 2nd HR of the season was a shot over the right-center fence at MTLL, 4/18/2017.

Noah Filson (2) / Royals - A first inning shot to left field for Noah's HR #2 of the season, at MTLL 4/15/2017.

Andrew Schackne (1) / Yankees - Congratulations to Drew for career HR #1 today! A 2-run bomb to center at SCLL, 4/15/2017.

MJ Jackman (2) / White Sox - Another lead-off blast to right-center for MJ's second HR of the year, this time at SCLL, 4/15/2017.

Owen Frattini Edwards(1) / White Sox - Congrats to Owen for his first HR in the Major's division. A 3-run blast to right-center at MTLL, 4/13/2017.

Noah Filson (1) / Royals - Congrats to Noah for jacking his first HR of the season, a two-run blast to center contributing to a come-from-behind win against SCLL at MTLL, 4/11/2017.

Sammy Lawson (2) / Royals - They come in bunches they say. Sammy did it again, his second career home run in as many games. This time a lead off, first pitch shot down the right field line against SCLL at MTLL, 4/11/2017.

Sammy Lawson (1) / Royals - Congrats to Sammy on his first career home run! Only thing that could make it better, a "bases loaded" grand salami at MTLL, 4/8/2017.

Tustin Tibbetts (2) / Reds - Tustin's second dinger of his career proved to be a big one! The lone run in a 1-0 win for his Reds over the Yankees at MTLL, 4/8/2017.

Dakota Pallante (2) / White Sox - Dakota mashed a grand slam at SCLL today for his second HR of the year, 3/25/2017. 

Justin Stearns (1) / Yankees- Justin mashed his first HR of the season at SCLL over the center field fence onto the Minors field. A two run bomb contributing to the Yankees winning big, 3/25/2017.

Jacob Connelly (4 & 5) / Reds - As a fill in player with the Royals, Jacob hit his 4th & 5th of the season at SCLL. #4 to left/center onto the Minors field; #5 an oppo shot to right, 3/23/2017.

Jacob Connelly (3) / Reds - Jacob's 3rd of  the year was a bomb over the snackbar in left for his first career grand slam, 3/21/2017.

Isaiah Spracklen (1) / Reds - Isaiah's first career HR was a solo shot over the left-center fence at MTLL, 3/21/2017.

Tustin Tibbetts (1) / Reds - Tustin's first career HR was a 2-run blast over the right-center fence at MTLL, 3/21/2017.

Dakota Pallante (1) / White Sox - Dakota hit career HR #1 at the Murphy Canyon field as part of the Dupont Tournament, 3/18/2017. 

Tyler Steeves (2) / Reds - Tyler's 2nd dinger of the year was a shot over the left-center fence at MTLL, 3/17/2017.

Danny Torres (1) / Yankees - Danny hit his first dinger of 2017. The first of many to come was a no doubter at MTLL, 3/16/2017.

Rylan Talbot (1) / Royals - Rylan's career HR #1 was the first Grand Salami of the season. Rylan's HR plated all of the Royals runs today in their 4-2 win, 3/11/2017.

MJ Jackman (1) / White Sox - A lead-off shot over the right-center fence for MJ's first of the season at MTLL, 3/11/2017.

Max Kiernan (1 & 2) / White Sox - Two left-center bombs for Max, the second of which landed near the tree at the bottom of the Rec Center hill, 3/9/2017.

Isaiah Williams (1) / Royals - Career HR #1 for Isaiah, an opposite field shot over the right field fence at MTLL, 3/7/2017.

Tyler Steeves (1) / Reds - Career HR #1 for Tyler, a sky high shot over the tall left field fence at MTLL, 3/4/2017.

Jacob Connelly (1 & 2) / Reds - A center field shot for dinger #1, followed by a big blast over the MTLL snackbar for #2 of the season, 3/4/2017.



Roman Gustin (4) / Padres (MT3) - Another bomb by Roman for his 4th dinger this year, 5/20/2017.

Roman Gustin (3) / Padres (MT3) A line drive rocket to center field for HR #3, 5/16/2017.

Roman Gustin (2) / Padres (MT3) A going, going, grand salami for Roman. HR #2 on the season at the MTLL Minors field, 4/22/2017.

Roman Gustin (1) / Padres (MT3) - The second Minors HR of the season was off the bat of Roman Gustin. It was a 2 run bomb at the MTLL Minors field, 3/25/2017.

Kristian Fusco (1) / Padres (MT3) - As the first Minors HR of the season and his first career HR, Kristian went yard to dead center to help propel his team to a victory today. A single shy of hitting for the cycle, 3/16/2017.



Jacob Connelly (11)

Justin Stearns (7)

Isaiah Spracklen (5)

Noah Filson (4)

Roman Gustin (4)

Dakota Pallante (4)

Danny Torres (4)

Tyler Steeves (3)

Tustin Tibbetts (3)

Owen Frattini Edwards (2)

MJ Jackman (2)

Max Kiernan (2)

Sammy Lawson (2)

Isaiah Williams (2)

Kristian Fusco (1)

Andrew Schackne (1)

Owen Shreffler (1)

Rylan Talbot (1)

Reid Waite (1)